Free up space with npkill

Do you also have dozens of JavaScript/TypeScript projects buried in more or less well-organized folders on your computer? You know, those personal projects abandoned after the first commit and long-finished professional projects…​

And at the same time, you see your hard drive filling up? Well, npm has the bad habit of downloading half the internet with each installation…​

Here’s the solution to free up space without hassle and keep your revolutionary application project that barely started. Four years ago.

The state of your hard drive after 4 years of `npm install`
The state of your hard drive after 4 years of `npm install`

npkill is an open-source tool that allows you to quickly and easily delete the node_modules directories cluttering your computer.

To do this, it’s very simple, just run npx npkill anywhere on your computer, and it will search for all the node_modules directories.

It presents you with the list, including the size of each of these directories, and you can choose to delete or keep them. The end result is often very satisfying, with potentially several gigabytes of freed space!

Find all the options for this tool in its documentation!