Blog It Yourself - What holds us back

This article is part of a series called "Blog It Yourself"

You have a beautiful blog, perhaps thanks to the previous article, but you struggle to write articles for it? It’s normal…​ There are numerous and real obstacles.

There are many "excuses" for not getting started, and most of the time, we believe in them wholeheartedly! Let me share the three main reasons I’ve heard for not writing articles.

I don’t have the expertise to write articles

Clearly the main reason that prevents all of us from getting started. The infamous "Imposter Syndrome"…​

You must be this tall to ride

I used to believe it was reserved for the more junior developers among us, but the truth is…​ not at all! How do I know? Firstly, because I still feel it, and secondly, because I regularly hear experienced developers talk about it.

So the issue lies not in actual experience but in the perception of it! And that’s important to note! It simply means that there is no perfect moment in one’s career to start writing an article, and that you, too, can do it.

Furthermore, it’s essential to realize that the perspectives of a junior developer and a senior developer are different enough that both can express themselves without invalidating each other. If you still had doubts, there is room for everyone on the internet…​

I don’t have any article ideas to write about

Ah, we often hear this one too! And yet, it’s probably the least valid reason…​

No ideas...

All developers know how to do things. Many things, in fact, with various tools, some more exotic than others. There are no two identical projects; there are always different contexts, clients with their own characteristics, and so on. Therefore, there is an endless source of ideas to fuel us!

First and foremost, think about sharing your experiences. Firstly, because we all have 'experiences' that others don’t. Secondly, because you can’t be wrong when talking about what you’ve seen and lived. No one is better positioned than you to talk about your personal experience!

And then, we can imagine many small topics that deserve our time! For example, why not write a short tutorial on a tool you regularly use? Maybe there are already many tutorials out there? Perhaps, but no one uses it the same way you do, with the shortcut that saves you time, etc.

In fact, when you think about it, we ALL have things to share. Just think about everything you’ve done in the week, removing the barriers you easily put up!

I’m afraid of saying stupid things

In line with the previous two reasons, obviously. Adding a dose of shyness…​

I'm too shy...

So, the simplest solution is to have someone proofread your work. Someone more senior if it reassures you, but anyone will do, really! A junior can specifically tell you if the article is approachable, if there’s a missing definition to understand everything, etc.

In return, you must be willing to accept advice, remarks, syntactical corrections…​ Yes, our ego sometimes catches up with us, even in the midst of imposter syndrome!

But even if you don’t feel confident enough to start, fearing to lose face, what do you really have to lose? Not much, unless you heavily lied on your CV! If I realize that I’ve only said stupid things in my previous article, that’s perfect—I already have the idea for the next one that will have to explain how wrong I was!

And for more basic mistakes, a correction can be quickly published, so don’t panic. Unlike Twitter, you can take it back, and the correction will probably go unnoticed!

There are many obstacles, and they vary for each of us, but they also depend on our environment and its ability to help us grow. In the next article, I share my experience on the subject!