FuturMaster - Master Data

FuturMaster - Master Data


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FuturMaster, a software editor specializing in supply chain management, called upon Talan Labs to strengthen its development teams and accelerate the revamp of its suite of tools.


Following the success of the first Talan Labs squad’s intervention at FuturMaster on the Calibrate Model project, we embarked on the revamp of the Master Data module, which centralizes the data repository that feeds the other software suite modules.

In parallel with the development of functional user stories, there are many technical topics to consider, such as a reflection on the future database best suited to the specifics of the objects to be manipulated.

Technical Stack


React application, split into micro-frontends. Use of the "hooks" introduced in version 16.8 of React.


Spring Boot service based on Java 11, with Spring Data for data access.