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The Context

Like all companies, Talan seeks to catalyze collaboration within itself. In addition, Talan wishes to strengthen its unity as a group despite distinct entities and a presence on 4 continents, and develop a horizontal organization far from classic vertical hierarchies.

An internal currency, common to all employees regardless of their location or hierarchical role, makes it possible to find a common point among all the actors in the company. It is also a way to allow everyone to better exchange, including between distinct teams, thus affirming a horizontal hierarchy.

More details in the article that I dedicated to Talan Coin.

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The technical stack

Client Side

  • Native iOS application

  • Native Android application

  • Angular web applications:

    • Dashboard for statistical tracking and administration

    • Store of objects and services payable in Talan Coins

    • Desktop client (not put into production)

Server Side

Spring Boot services based on Java 8, serving as an interface between the blockchain and mobile clients.


Ethereum with PoA (Clique) consensus and Solidity smart contracts.


MongoDB for storing transactions and accessing them more quickly. Reconstructible from data stored on the blockchain.