VINCI Construction Terrassement - VCoin

VINCI Construction Terrassement - VCoin


Client's website

The Context

After the success of Talan Coin, the VINCI group wanted to experiment with its own version of the application.

This is how we instantiated the VCoin application, with some specific features setting it apart from Talan Coin.

The Technical Stack

Client Side

  • Native iOS application

  • Native Android application

  • Angular web applications:

    • Dashboard for statistical tracking and administration

    • Store for objects and services payable in Talan Coins

    • Desktop client (not in production)

Back End

Spring Boot services based on Java 8, serving as an interface between the blockchain and mobile clients.


Ethereum with a PoA (Clique) consensus and smart contracts in Solidity.


MongoDB to store transactions and access them more quickly. Reconstructible from data stored on the blockchain.