Crypto-lending Platform

Crypto-lending Platform


The client

For confidentiality reasons, the name of this client cannot be revealed. They are a company already well established in the web3 domain, looking to expand their reach.

The project

The project involves the creation of a centralized cryptocurrency lending platform, against collateral provided by users.

Therefore, it was necessary to create a user interface that is understandable and clear enough to attract the largest number, but also to provide all the standard features in this type of application. This interface also comes in an "administrator" version to set the cryptocurrencies available as collateral or to borrow, the current loan offers, etc.

As the platform is centralized, it does not rely on smart contracts, but on a backend capable of managing loans, user profiles, etc.

The technical stack




TypeScript (NestJS)




Infura, Bitcoin, Ethereum, ERC-20, Consensys Codefi Orchestrate


GitHub, GitHub Actions, SonarQube, Docker, Kubernetes